Research & Scholarly Activity

Summary of Accomplishments in Research and Scholarly Activity

As a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design professional, researcher and educator, my goal is to investigate, formulate, and implement design solutions that enhance the engagement and information understanding between users and digital systems. My research and scholarly activity focus on the intersection of design education, interactive digital application, and integration across multiple disciplines through both pedagogical and applied UI and UX design solutions (data-driven healthcare interface, mobile app, website, software, etc.). Over the last five years, while an Assistant Professor at RIT, I have pursued three main areas of research and scholarly dissemination; external and internal grant funding, international and national peer-reviewed publications, and peer-reviewed presentations. The importance and impact of design are expanding in both the academic classroom and sponsored research fields. My professional and academic background positions me to research and create unique design-based solutions across a wide range of social, healthcare, and interdisciplinary collaborations and funded projects. These core research projects, along with my continuous discovery and pedagogical research within design education for multidisciplinary audiences, have had a direct impact on the understanding and necessity of the integration of design across multiple domains. The following scholarly activity snapshot and the list of grants summarized my scholarly efforts over the five years and followed by selected grants and activity description. My Curriculum Vitae contains the complete list of research and scholarly efforts.

My Research and Scholarly Activity Snapshot (last 5 years)
Scholarship overivew
List of Grants and Fundings (last 5 years)
scholarship Overview chart
External Grant

Inconspicuous Daily Monitoring to Reduce Heart Failure Hospitalizations

Sponsor: National Institute of Health (NIH) Grant – National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute
Amount: $2,990,975
Role: Co-PI, PI: Linwei Wang, Ph.D. (formerly David Borkholder, Ph.D.)
As a Co-PI, I am in charge of research and digital design solutions for patient data visualization and heart failure (HF) medical review integration. I will be responsible for contributions in the development and design of the wellness and data visualization applications, working with the advanced practice providers (APP) panel and HF physicians/cardiologists. I will be the primary interface with the consultants developing the wellness and data visualization applications.

Status: Grant awarded in June 2020, active research project

Description: The NIH grant was proposed and submitted in partnership with PI David Borkholder, Ph.D., Bausch and Lomb Professor, Microsystems Engineering and Professor, Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering and Co-PI Linwei Wang, Ph.D., Professor of Computing and Information Sciences at RIT. Dr. Borkholder and Wojciech Zareba, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, at the University of Rochester Medical Center, lead a multidisciplinary RIT and URMC research team. Dr. Zareba’s URMC team includes cardiologists and research-faculty members: Karl Schwarz, M.D., Director of the Echocardiography Laboratory; Leway Chen, M.D., Medical Director of the Advanced Heart Failure Program; and Robert Strawderman, Chair and Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology. The research project focuses on in-home monitoring technologies that have the potential to transform the healthcare system by enabling the transition from reactive care to proactive and preventive care. Since patient awareness of symptomology often lags deterioration, successfully tracking physiologic changes in the home is a critical component of an early intervention strategy. This research’s central hypothesis is that hospitalization rates and duration of stay for heart failure patients can be significantly reduced through inconspicuous in-home monitoring and early intervention. This research leverages highly innovative technology for cardiovascular in-home daily monitoring, the fully integrated toilet seat (FIT). A multidisciplinary research team will advance an automated system that provides health care providers with early warning of patient deterioration using FIT seat measurements. The system will be developed and evaluated through a clinical trial of heart failure patients. The proposed study will demonstrate a reduction in hospitalization using an alert-based system that leverages a unique set of physiologic measurements captured from a single, non-implantable device.

Abstract: In-home monitoring technologies have the potential to transform the healthcare system by enabling the transition from reactive care to proactive and preventive care. This is especially important for cardiovascular disease (CVD); the leading cause of death worldwide. Heart failure (HF), a type of CVD characterized by a weakened heart muscle, impacts approximately 6.5 million Americans with over 960,000 new cases each year. HF costs the US an estimated $30.7 billion annually and is expected to increase 127% to $69.7 billion by 2030. With approximately 80% of the total cost associated with HF due to hospitalization, there is an opportunity to reduce the cost of HF by lowering hospitalization rates through remote patient monitoring. Since patient awareness of symptomology often lags behind deterioration, successfully tracking physiologic changes in the home is a critical component of an early intervention strategy. Classical approaches to in-home monitoring, such as blood pressure and weight monitoring have had limited success, with patient adherence cited as a major barrier to reducing hospitalizations. The central hypothesis of this research is that hospitalization rates and duration of stay for heart failure patients can be significantly reduced through inconspicuous in-home monitoring and early intervention. This research will leverage a highly innovative technology for cardiovascular in-home daily monitoring; the fully integrated toilet seat (FIT). The FIT seat automatically captures a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment in the home, while ensuring long-term patient adherence. A multidisciplinary research team, comprised of engineers, physicians, advanced practice providers (APP), data scientists, biostatisticians, designers, and software developers, will advance an automated system that provides health care providers with early warning of patient deterioration using the FIT system measurements captured in the home. The success of this system will be evaluated through an in-home clinical trial of heart failure patients. Specific Aim 1 seeks to create a learning dataset and data visualization architecture from HF patient in-home physiologic data, perceived wellness, and adverse events. The FIT seat will be deployed for a 90-day in-home study of 200 HF patients, with patient-perceived wellness and activity captured through a custom application. This physiologic, wellness and activity data will be combined with adverse events from the electronic medical record to create an integrated dataset for retrospective analysis and alert model development. In Aim 2, an automated prediction model for early alert of all-cause hospitalizations will be created using novel machine learning techniques. The objective of Aim 3 is to demonstrate that inconspicuous in-home monitoring and early intervention can reduce hospitalizations in the second cohort of 200 HF patients. We hypothesize that the integrated FIT-based alert system will reduce the burden of all-cause hospitalization and will improve the quality of life for patients.

Outputs: This project is currently a work in progress, so the project proposal concept materials and selective outputs are only available for review. e.g., Mobile application for study subjects, Concept data visualization dashboard for physicians, Data flow diagram.

Media: (RIT News) RIT, URMC receives a grant to study benefits of AI-enabled toilet seat technology, (URMC) RIT, URMC Receive NIH Funding to Study AI-Enabled Toilet Seat Technology for Heart Failure, (WHEC) RIT, URMC receive NIH funding to study AI-enabled toilet seats, (13 WHAM) High-tech toilet seat aims to help researchers in Rochester reduce heart disease / (News Break) RIT, URMC receives NIH funding to study AI-enabled toilet seats

External Grant

It’s Time: #ExOut Extremism

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office for Community Partnerships, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Grant Program, Focus Area #4: Challenging the Narrative
Amount: $149,955
Role: PI, Co-PI: Miguel Cardona, MFA
Status: Grant awarded in December 2017, completed in January 2020

Description: The grant was reviewed and approved by the DHS in partnership with Co-PI Miguel Cardona, Assistant Professor in New Media Design (NMD) at RIT. This project aims to encourage counter-narratives to violent extremism and online recruitment by leveraging social media’s power and design by sharing positive narratives that combat negative stereotypes and promote a culture of tolerance and inclusion. Our project team of students with the New Media Design (BFA), Visual Communication Design (MFA), faculty developed a self-contained and sustainable mobile and web solution that focuses on building a system of open-access digital materials and a design guide for creative online activism for organizations and individuals. In summary, this project focuses on web-based capacity building for individuals and organizations interested in developing campaigns to counter violent extremism leveraging the power of social media and applied design education. The project delivered a set of tools to promote counter-narrative development, how-to design guides, a media creation tool, and a media kit. The project outputs and materials are available for review.

Outcome: The Ex-Out research project and apps are an open-access digital system to help others create awareness to stop the spread of hate and violence online. Project solutions were created by leveraging emerging tools with a diverse team of students. The project and researchers received notable recognitions and an invitation for the innovation and creativity panel, Digital Forum at Carnegie Mellon University. We were also selected to present in the innovative technology session at Ithaca College and the CLS conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to COVID-19, we presented virtually for Design Practices & Principles conference at Universidad de Monterrey, México, and UCDA Design Education Summit. The project received multiple awards, such as the Gold, Excellence, and Judge’s choice awards from UCDA Design Awards, Winner from American Web Design Awards, Finalist from Communication Arts Design Competition, Gold in Apps for Social Change, Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change, Freelance of the Year-Short list winner from Indigo Design Awards, Bronze in Multimedia, Mobile, Web Application Design from International Design Awards, Gold in Online Interactive Digital Publications Campaign from Rochester Advertising Federation Awards (Rochester ADDY Awards), Nominee in Apps and Software: Public Service and Activism from The Webby Awards. The project also received the CAD Frank J. Romano Endowed Prize, College of Arts and Design at RIT.

Outputs: Ex-Out website, Figma community page, Mobile application via Apple app store, Google play store

Media: RIT College of Art and Design Research Spotlights

/ Published Application and Software

Ex-Out Creativity Handbook
Applied design guide and the system of open access digital materials for creative online activism
Phone or Smart Device App. MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC. 2020.
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Download the Mobil application via Apple app store and Google play store

/ Peer-reviewed Publication

Reestablishing a Collaborative Research Project Practice in an Academic Environment
UCDA Design Education Summit, Virtual Conference, May 25–27, 2021 (Due to COVID-19 the conference went online)
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Blind peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 104-119 [Link]

/ Peer-reviewed Presentations

Building a System of Open-Access Digital Materials for Creative Online Activism
Fifteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, Universidad de Monterrey, México, March 3–5, 2021 (Due to COVID-19 the conference went online)
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Innovation Showcase, Blind peer-reviewed conference proceedings [Link]

A Journey to Ex-Out
Connected Learning Summit, Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), July 29–31, 2020 (postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19)
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Accepted blind peer-reviewed conference proposal [Link], Pre-recorded presentation during the conference July 03–July 30, 2021 [Link], Virtual presentation and discussions on July 29, 2021 [Link]

/ Invited Presentation

Digital Literacy and Capacity Building to Counter Extremist Narrative
Digital Forum on Terrorism Prevention, Innovation & Creativity Session, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, September 11, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Invitation only conference presentation [Link]

/ Book Chapter – Pending

Digital Transformation in Design: Essays and Interviews
Hye-Jin Nae, Invited book chapter author, Book chapter invitation from Laura Scherling, M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University School of Professional Studies [Link]
Status: Book chapter proposal submission in July 2021, under review by the committee at Amherst College Press [Link]

/ Accepted Peer-reviewed Presentation Proposal

Open Access Digital Materials for Creative Online Activism
Educational Technology Day, The Innovative Technology Session, Ithaca, Ithaca College, March 19, 2020 (canceled due to the COVID-19)
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Blind peer-reviewed conference proposal [Link]

/ Awards & Recognitions

The Webby Awards
• Nominee in Apps and Software: Public Service & Activism, 2021 [Awards]

Indigo Design Awards
• Gold in Apps for Social Change, Freelancer, 2021 [Awards]
• Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change, Freelancer, 2021
• Freelancer of the year–Shortlist winner, 2021 [Awards]

International Design Awards (IDA)
• Bronze in Multimedia, Mobile, Web Application Design, 2021 [Awards]

The American Advertising Awards (Rochester ADDY awards)
• Gold in Online Interactive, Digital publications, Campaign, 2021 [Awards]


Communication Arts 2020 Design Competition
• Finalist in the Identity Manual, 2020 [Shortlist]

GDUSA Web Awards
• Winner in the Apps, 2020 [Awards]

UCDA Design Awards
• Gold in the Mobile Apps, 2020 [Awards]
• Excellence in Other Digital, 2020 [Awards]
• Judge’s Choice in Other Digital, 2020

Frank J. Romano Endowed Prize Award for Publishing Entrepreneurship, College of Art and Design, RIT, 2020

Internal Grant

The Design Guide

Sponsor: Provost’s Learning Innovation Grants (PLIG) – Exploration Grant
Amount: $5,000
Role: PI (Sole author)
Status: Grant awarded in 2018, completed in 2019

Description: RIT developed the PLIG to broaden and enrich the learning experience of RIT students and faculty. The proposed project is to create an online web-based repository to promote the principles of Universal Design, Typography, and Visual Design through an easy-to-use set of online tools and resources for non-design faculty and students. Our project team of students with the New Media Design (BFA) and Visual Communication Design (MFA) research and prototype has established a strong foundation for continuing to move forward. Higher education has identified the need to provide design knowledge to non-design majors as an essential aspect in creating a robust educational model. The Design Guide is one possible solution that can contribute to expanding design education. By tailoring design education to broader majors, the material will foster a greater understanding of how design can contribute to the power of visual communication. The project report is available for review.

Outcome: The research project’s importance has been recognized based on the overwhelmingly positive PLIG showcase and external conference submission reviews. In addition, this research project leads to the possibility of wider pollinations. With the opportunity to lecture for RIT faculty, researchers, and PhDs to teach visual communication principles to non-experts via RIT Innovative Learning Institute, class collaborations have emerged. For example, I was invited to lecture about design foundation to RIT faculty–Teacher on Teaching speaker series, organized by RIT Innovative Learning Institute, “Visual Design Principles That Impact Learning.” Further engagement and guidance for Prof. Josh Goldwitz (Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator, Environmental Sustainability Health & Safety BS Degree Program, College of Engineering Technology) on his lecture poster showed cross-pollinations of the project. Prof. Goldwitz and I applied his lecture poster content for my NMD sophomore design exercise, and outputs were implemented. The project was awarded from American Graphic Design Awards, Public Service + Pro Bono category in 2020.

Outputs: The Design Guide research documents and prototype [Link]

/ Poster Presentation

The Design Guide
The Provosts’ Learning Innovation Grants 2018 Showcase, RIT Innovative Learning Institute, Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, November 7, 2018
Hye-Jin Nae, Internal grant research project poster presentation [Link]

/ Invited Speaker

Visual Design Principles That Impact Learning
Teacher on Teaching speaker series, RIT Innovative Learning Institute, Rochester, RIT, May 20, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae, Internal invited presentation [Link], RIT library event calendar [Link]

/ Award & Recognition

American Graphic Design Awards
Winner in Public Service + Pro Bono, 2020 [Awards]

External Funding


Sponsor: Forbes
Amount: $3,000
Role: PI , Sponsored class student project
Status: Final presentations were made to visiting Forbes Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Digital Designer, and Front-end Developer, raised $3000 additional funds for the program and award winners in May 2019.

Description: funded New Media Design Elements III junior class to create a future online experience – webpages, components, articles, information delivery, or interactions that drive new users and promote increased return visits. This project gave students a real-world problem, content, analytics, and direction to combine with the design objectives of the course. A team of Forbes, including CTO, Digital Designer, Front-end Developer selected the top 4 student projects to incorporate into the future vision.

Background: In today’s social, shared, and interconnected media-based environments it can be difficult for online content creators to maintain the flow of user traffic through their properties. Unique and repeat user visits remain key components for analyzing the effectiveness and success of the form, function, and revenue stream of an experience. Getting users to visit and return to the original online product or property is becoming both an important experience and a fiscal requirement for companies. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), News Aggregators/Magazines (Flipboard), Dashboards, Widgets, and more have worked to deliver content from multiple resources to one location. While these experiences help share and connect content creators with a wider audience, they have also created a user void for many. Users aren’t required to click through to the original content creator if headlines and RSS feeds are all that is required. These missed clicks and visits are missed opportunities for the original content creator or company. The project documents are available for review.

Outcome: Elements III (NMD Junior class) was engaged with an industry-funded Forbes project – four selected student projects were to be implemented by The project is a successful example of industry-sponsored class project outcomes and a part of Aller Group (the largest Scandinavian Publishing house that sponsors an annual 4-week professional development visit to RIT) publishing training presentation. Also shared with David Long, Director at MAGIC to reference for his future class-industry research opportunity.

Outputs: Following projects were selected as the top 4 out of 33 individual student project presentations.
1st place project, 2nd place project, 3rd place project, 4th place project

/ Industry Presentation and Review

RIT + Forbes: Reimagining
Forbes’ Judges: Vadim Supitskiy (CTO), Andres Jauregui (Digital Designer), Joe Pietruch (Front-end Developer)
Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, May 8, 2019

Forbes client commented “Thank you so much for hosting us last week. It was a long ordeal, but the presentations were spectacular! We were all impressed with the quality of the students’ work. I hope we’ll have future opportunities to work with the NMD/VCD programs.”

Following top 4 out of 33 individual student project presentations were selected with Forbes Judge’s comments.

  • 1st place project: “We were particularly impressed with Liam’s family of inter-related solutions, the quality of his pitch, and the user customization he demonstrated for scheduling digest emails.”
  • 2nd place project: “Rebecca’s data visualization and general visual approach to displaying list data as more-than-just-text added a playfulness and exploration aspect to the dull data.”
  • 3rd place project: “We really liked Vanasa’s annotations/comments/author-notes as a way of adding depth and metadata to the article.”
  • 4th place project: “Rohan’s topic map was interesting and different enough to set him apart from the rest.”
Internal Grant

Presentations for AIGA Design Educators Conference and Motion Design Education Summit

Sponsor: Faculty Evaluation and Development (FEAD) Grant
Amount: $2,000
Role: PI (Sole author)
Status: Grant awarded in May 2017, completed in September 2017

Description: The objective of the project was to present two academic peer-reviewed papers at the leading design conferences “Design is STEM! Understanding Interdisciplinary Design Practice, Education and Research” at the AIGA Design Educators Conference: Converge and “Motion design for data visualization and interactive prototypes” at the Motion Design Education Summit (MODE) conference and to disseminate my pedagogical experiences and raise awareness of the importance of design within an interdisciplinary environment in academia and the professional world. The grant report is available for review.

Outcome: Both opportunities provided me with the dissemination of my pedagogical design experiences and research and engagement with a national design audience through the general conferences. As a direct result of the networking and presentation opportunities at the MODE conference, Austin Shaw, a leading motion graphics designer from Savannah College of Art and Design, visited RIT to present a motion design workshop and present at the Thought at Work conference in the Fall of 2017. In addition, I was invited as a peer-reviewer for the following MODE conference and a judge for the International Student Motion Design Competition.

Outputs: AIGA Converge conference proceedings (Link), MODE conference proceedings (Link)

/ Peer-reviewed Publication

Motion Design for Data Visualization and Interactive Prototypes
Motion Design Education Summit 2017, Columbus, Ohio State University, June 7–9, 2017
Hye-Jin Nae, Blind peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 143–149 [Link]

/ Peer-reviewed Presentation

Design is STEM! Understanding Interdisciplinary Design Practice, Education, and Research
AIGA Converge Conference, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, June 1–3, 2017
Hye-Jin Nae & Time Wood, Three double blind-peer reviewed conference proceedings [Link]

External Scholarship

The Webby Awards Scholarship

Sponsor: The Webby Awards [About the sponsor]
Amount: $450
Role: Applicant (PI of the awarded project entry)
Status: Selected for a scholarship recipient in December 2020

Description: The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. The Webby is presented and judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). The Webby Award management team reviewed and selected a limited number of scholarships for non-profit work and projects. The scholarship is used for a fee waiver of the one award submission. Our research project Ex-Out was awarded the scholarship.

Outcome: As a result of the scholarship-supported award submission, our project was selected as a Nominee in Apps and Software: Public Service & Activism from a record-breaking 13,500 entries from all 50 states and 70+ countries around the world. [Awards]

External Grant – Pending

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Digital, Avatar Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Platform to Treat Co-Occurring Addiction and IPV: RITchCBT vs. Treatment as Usual

Sponsor: National Institute of Health (NIH) Grant
Amount: $2,765,847
Role: Co-PI, PI: Easton Caroline, PhD
Status: Proposal submission in February 2021, grant pending

Description: The NIH grant was proposed and submitted in partnership with PI Easton Caroline, Ph.D., Professor, Behavioral Health Division of the College of Health Science and Co-PIs; Cory Crane, Associate Professor in the Behavioral Health Division, Cassandra Berbary, Research Faculty in the Behavioral Health Division, Adam Smith, Associate Professor in School of Design at RIT.

Abstract: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is an escalating & pervasive public health concern (CDC, 2018). During the COVID-19 Pandemic, rates of IPV have increased. The effects of IPV are devastating to families and costly to society. To date, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is showing promise to improve treatment outcomes among clients who have co-occurring addiction and IPV (Easton et al., 2017). Digital versions of CBT are beginning to show effectiveness across behavioral health disorders (Carroll et al., 2008; Spek et al., 2007). We propose to conduct a Stage 1b trial of our digitized, interactive, 12- session RITch®CBT treatment model. We propose to randomly assign 120 ethnically diverse male substance-using offenders of IPV to either RITch®CBT (e.g., digitized, targets both addiction & IPV), or TAU (treatment as usual, non-digitized & targets only substance use) across 12 weeks of treatment. We will assess the efficacy of RITch®CBT in decreasing addiction and aggression across 12 weeks of treatment and at 3, 6 & 9- month follow-up time points.

Scholarly Activity in Integrated Interdisciplinary Design Education

Summary of Scholarly Activity

The value and impact of applied design and design process represent a significant component moving industries and products forward. These design champions range from Apple and other consumer product leaders, venture capital firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), and industry and educational innovators like John Maeda. The Design Management Institute (DMI) tracking the performance of design-centric companies has shown that they outperformed the S&P 500 between 2005-2015 by 211%. This emergence of applied design has been the basis of my research in exploring and creating an undergraduate curriculum that incorporates design practice in a multi-disciplinary setting with STEM disciplines. As the lead faculty in creating the design foundation sequence for New Media Design, BFA, and establishing upper-level curriculum criteria, I have developed a portfolio of successful pedagogical tools and teaching practices. These solutions support both traditional design-focused programs and inter-disciplinary needs. Based on professional experience, academic research, and curricular application, my research and work have contributed to the success of design education as a component with multiple Bachelor of Science programs across the institute. I have featured the expansion of applied design practice and universal design principles for an inclusive and diverse audience in peer-reviewed publications and peer-reviewed and invited presentations.

/ Peer-reviewed Publications

An Interdisciplinary Design Education Framework
The Design Journal, Volume 20, Issue sup1, S835-S847, Taylor & Francis, UK.
ISBN: 978-1-138-09023-1, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2017.1353030
Design for Next, the 12th European Academy of Design Conference, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, April 12–14, 2017
Hye-Jin Nae, Double-blind peer-reviewed proceedings and journal publication [Link]

Typography Education in an Interdisciplinary Program Through Inclusive Projects
Typography Day 2017, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, February 23–25, 2017
Hye-Jin Nae, Peer-reviewed conference proceedings [Link]

/ Peer-reviewed Presentations & Invited Talk

Stealing Bubblegum: Design Ethics and Intentionality
FITC Spotlight, Toronto, Canada, Telus Harbour, October 21, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae & Miguel Cardona, Refereed conference presentation [Link]

On Human-Centered Design
ITX UX 2019 Beyond the Pixels, Rochester, October 5, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae, Kim Goodwin, Jeff Gothelf, Miguel Cardona, and Matt Bernius, Invited panel discussion [Link]

Industry-Inspired Innovation in Design Education
Pearson’s Now/Next in Learning Summit, Scottsdale, April 22–24, 2019
Miguel Cardona, Hye-Jin Nae as co-author of peer-reviewed conference presentation [Link]

Experience, Learn and Design to be Inclusive, Raise Awareness and Persuade in an Interdisciplinary Program
AIGA National Design Conference, Pasadena, Pasadena Convention Center, April 4–6, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae, Blind peer-reviewed conference presentation [Link]

Multidisciplinary New Media Design Undergraduate Program
Digital Media and Learning (DML) Conference, Irvine, University of California, October 4–6, 2017
Hye-Jin Nae, Peer-reviewed conference presentation [Link]

/ Accepted & Peer-reviewed Conference Abstracts

Multi-disciplinary Design Industry and Education–How We are Preparing for Now and the Future
National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS), Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati, March 1–3, 2018
Hye-Jin Nae, Accepted blind peer-reviewed conference presentation proposal in December 2017 [Link]

Integrating STEM Topics into an Interdisciplinary Model of Design Education
IxDA Interaction Design Education Summit, Lyon, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon, France, February 3–4, 2018
Hye-Jin Nae & Tim Wood, Accepted blind peer-reviewed conference presentation in December 2017 [Link]

/ Juried Exhibition

Designing Across Divides Conference: Co-creating Tools for Community Change, Morgantown, West Virginia University, March 28-30, 2019
Hye-Jin Nae, Miguel Cardona, Luka Schulz, and Sara Danseglio, selected as a diptych banner winner, work exhibited in the city of Morgan town and conference in March 2019. Also, one of our designs was applied for the introductory banner pair for the exhibit. Shown in the conference proceedings, 31–40 [Link]

Not Funded Research Grants

Summary of PI and CO-PI Grant Submissions

As a professional designer at Eastman Kodak, Yahoo, and EffectiveUI, I have had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from the Superbowl to future consumer digital product interfaces. Across all of these diverse projects, I have contributed to expanding design’s role and impact as a critical aspect of building effective user-centered products and companies. At RIT, I continue to grow design by engaging researchers across various disciplines through contributing my design research and application expertise. Design is not a service to these projects but plays a central role in the planning, research, and enrichment of the core research outcomes. I have established a track record as a PI and Co-PI on various DHS and NIH grants through my relationships with the MAGIC Center and the Personalized Healthcare Technology research group and affiliated researchers. However, to achieve this personal and team-based success, funding institutions such as the National Institute of Health (NIH) require multiple grant submissions and revisions to demonstrate how and why a diverse team of researchers offers the best opportunity to achieve the desired research outcomes. The following list summarizes both personal and collaborative pending or denied grant submissions that set the foundation for my current successes. This list also represents the potential for additional pathways and topics to continue my design research within, as seen in the selected Johnson & Johnson proposal. I look forward to continuing my investigation and application of design across a broad range of domains and partnerships.

List of Not Funded External Grants (last 5 years)
Unfunded grant snapshot summary